five-dots: Megan Bickel and Cassandra Zetta

Five-Dots is a collaborative effort between Megan Bickel, multidisciplinary artist, and Cassandra Zetta, photographer and LGBTQ activist. It began in July 2016 with the intent of opening up the lines of conversation between artists, designers, curators, functional artisans, and the public. Our mission is to maintain a free platform that provides engaging, stimulating, and encouraging conversations that will debunk the myth of the "starving artist". We speak to creatives based out of Cincinnati (Ohio), Louisville (KY), and Lexington (KY) about their work, process, ideas, concerns about their community, and workspace as a paradigm in which to discuss the politics of being a creative entrepreneur; this includes the the financial and social risks of taking up non-traditional work paths, and how it affects them for the better and worse.

Cassandra Zetta

Photographer and Co-Founder of Five-Dots

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After being taught how to draw by her grandfather at age eight, Cassandra fell in love with visual arts. Through the years of pouring her heart into her work in and out of school, she chose to pursue a major in graphic design. Though she developed a strong love of design during college, Cassandra knew this wasn't it for her. Post-graduation, after much soul searching and dabbling in various mediums, Cassandra discovered her love of wedding and portrait photography, and leapt into this new realm of artistic expression. As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, Cassandra is dedicated to creating a safe and sacred space for all couples to share their love openly. In addition, she continues to be inspired by other artists, collaborations, and exploring her interests in arts and crafts. When not behind the lens, Cassandra enjoys spending time with her beloved husband, four anipals, traveling the states, and reading as many inspirational books as she can.

Megan Bickel

Artist, Writer, Co-Founder of Five-Dots


Megan Bickel is a multidisciplinary artist and writer based out of Louisville, Kentucky.  Bickel's work focuses on expressions of memory through complimentary lenses of neuropsychology, art history, and autobiography. By visually interpreting neuropsychological explanations of emotional or physical experiences, the artist hopes to inspire curiosity about how people biologically experience different phenomenon. In exploring this idea, the artist utilizes form, color, line, and space to imitate specific emotive qualities, primarily through means of abstract expressionism. In addition to being featured in numerous regional solo and group exhibitions, Megan will be opening houseguest: an experimental, artist-run gallery along side her husband / chef Jacob Wilson based out of Louisville, Kentucky.